2015 Young Achiever Award (YAA)

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The Young Achiever Award (YAA) is one of the flagship programs of CIE/USA-DFW Chapter. The YAA is designed to encourage the younger generation of CIE members to achieve high academic performance, develop leadership skills, develop strong interest in science and engineering, and excel in extracurricular and community volunteer activities to enable them to achieve the greatest possible impact in our community. These well-rounded skills will enable them become strong leaders in this very competitive global market place.

CIE/USA-DFW is honored to have the professionals from various industries to serve as judges in selecting the YAA recipients. All the 20 award recipients were recognized to be truly outstanding based on their extraordinary achievements in academic performance, demonstration of exemplary leadership and voluntary involvement in community activities.

Impressive accolades of the 2015 award recipients include:

Science and Engineering Achievement:

  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) – 1st Place and 3rd Place
  • Four recipients are multiple time American Mathematics Competitions (AIME) qualifiers
  • Exxon Mobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair - 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place
  • VEX Robotics US and World Champions
  • Two recipients having published a total of nine research papers
Community Service and Leadership Achievement:
  • Fundraised $12,000 & 2,000 meals for a homeless shelter
  • Three recipients have received Gold President’s Service Awards
  • Future Business Leaders of America – 2nd Place state and national qualifier
  • Business Professionals of America – 1st Place in State and National Finalist
  • DECA International Testing Finalist and State Champion
Academic Achievement:
  • One recipient has received a perfect SAT score
  • Three recipients are ranked first in their respective schools
  • Special Talent and Interest Achievement:
  • AAU Junior Olympic Table Tennis 1st Place and medalists
  • Gymnastics State and Region 3 All Around champion
  • Three recipients are part of the Texas All-State Orchestra
  • HOSA State Bronze Medalist and International Qualifier
The YAA trophies and scholarship were presented to the recipients during the evening banquet at the 2015 Annual Convention.

Song Performance by YAA recipient Alice Zhao (Right) and Emily Zeng at CIE/USA-DFW 2015 Annual Convention

Dance Performance by YAA recipient Vivian Zhou at CIE/USA-DFW 2015 Annual Convention

Piano Performance by YAA recipient Bihan Jiang at CIE/USA-DFW 2015 Annual Convention

Dr. Keh-Shew Lu, CEO of Diodes, Inc., presented the YAA at CIE/USA-DFW 2015 Annual Convention

Bin Xie, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Applications / Executive Officer at Texas Instruments, presented the YAA at CIE/USA-DFW 2015 Annual Convention

Joel Austin, Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Oncor Electric Delivery, presented the YAA at CIE/USA-DFW 2015 Annual Convention

Tony Chang, VP US R&D Competence Center Corporate Chief Test Expert at Huawei Technology, presented the YAA at CIE/USA-DFW 2015 Annual Convention

2015 YAA winner list

1) Max Bu,Shepton HS
2) Brandon Chow, Coppell HS
3) Colleen Dai, TAMS
4) Amy Jia, The Hockaday School
5) Bihan Jiang, Colleyville Heritage HS
6) Janna Jiang, Plano West SHS
7) Megan Li, Clark HS
8) Sabrina Peng, Liberty HS
9) Danny Siu, Lamar HS
10) William Tian, Plano West SHS
11) Helena Wu, TAMS
12) Kevin Wu, St. Mark's School of Texas
13) Tiger Yang, Carroll SHS
14) Joycelyn Yiu, Clark High School
15) Michael Yuan, TAMS
16) Emily Zeng, Liberty HS
17) Shoshana Zhang, TAMS
18) Alice Zhao, Shepton HS
19) Vivian Zhou, Hockaday School
20) Richard Zhu, Jasper HS

Participating Instruction

2014 YAA

For detailed eligibility and application information, please download the following forms.

  • Application Form and Instructions
  • Community Service Recommendation Letter Template
  • Teacher Recommendation Letter Template

    2014 Leadership Symposium at the Annual Convention

    2013 First Young Achiever Association Reunion

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