2021 SECC Division A Project: Marble Machine

Judging Criteria

  • Research Problem (10 pts)

___ description of a practical need or problem to be solved

___ definition of criteria for proposed solution

___ explanation of constraints

  • Design and Methodology (15 pts)

___ exploration of alternatives to answer need or problem

___ identification of a solution

___ development of a prototype/model

  • Execution:  Construction and Testing (20 pts)

___ prototype demonstrates the intended design

___ prototype has been tested in multiple conditions/trials

___ prototype demonstrates engineering skill and completeness

  • Creativity (20 pts)

___ project demonstrates significant creativity in one or more of the above criteria

  • Presentation (35 pts)

    • 1: Poster (10 pts)

___logical organization of material

___clarity of graphics and legends

___ supporting documentation is displayed

    • 2: Interview (25 pts)

___ clear, concise, thoughtful responses to questions

___ understanding of basic scientific principles that are relevant to the project

___ understanding the interpretation and limitations of results and conclusions

___ degree of independence in conducting project

___ recognition of potential impact in science, society, and/or economics

___ quality of ideas for further research

___ for team projects: contributions to and understanding of project by all members