2021 SECC Division A Project: Marble Machine

Materials and Equipment

You are limited to the following list of materials to build your machine. Each item has a maximum quantity allowed per team (teams can be a single individual or multiple people). The colors of the materials don’t matter. Suggested buying links are given below. However, you can purchase them from any place as long as the items are their required sizes.

Material cost:  Estimate ($20)

Popsicle sticks (~$5): Amazon Link

16 oz paper or plastic cups (~$7): Link

6 mm & 10mm plastic spheres (~$7): Amazon Link

Material Maximum Quantity
16 oz paper or plastic cups 10 
Popsicle sticks (approx. 4.5 inch or 11.5 cm) 50
8.5×11 inch sheets of printer paper 20
Piece of corrugated cardboard to use as a base, up to 2 ft by 2 ft 1
Roll of Scotch® tape 1
Bottle of craft glue 1


In addition to the building materials, you will also need the following materials for testing your machine.

Material Quantity Note
16 oz plastic cups 3 1 to hold the initial mix of spheres, 2 to collect the sorted spheres.
6 mm plastic spheres 25 These represent the “gems” in your operation.
10 mm plastic spheres 25 These represent the “rocks” in your operation.
Stopwatch 1 Used for timing the test run.

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