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The annual MathComp/MathFun event and parenting seminar are the flagship event of the CIE/USA-DFW Chapter’s youth program. It has served our community for 30 years. Each year, the event attracts nearly 1,000 participants including students, parents, educators, and volunteers. This fair consists of four programs: (1) a math competition, (2) a math fun, (3) a parenting seminar and (4)  awards ceremony. The goal is to stimulate young students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).


A Letter from the Organizers

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to host the annual MathComp/MathFun event for the first time online. Thank you for registering to participate in this competition and the parenting seminar. We hope that this experience will be enjoyable and fun!

Please take a moment to read the following guide on how to get ready for the day of the event. This will ensure the competition, fun session, and parenting seminar go much more smoothly.

The navigation will be accessible after May 8th, 2021.


The page will navigate you to the exam system, fun session, and the webinar.

We appreciate your support for this event. We hope that this inspires students to develop an interest in and pursue future careers in STEM. Let us know if you have any questions that cannot be answered by this guide by contacting mcmf@cie- dfw.org.

Best Regards,
Jan Benmard
2021 CIE/USA-DFW MathComp/MathFun Committee Chair

Dr. Tiger Zhou
President of CIE/USA-DFW Chapter

Event Overview

There are four major events in MCMF. Math Competition, Math Fun, Parenting Seminar, and Awards Ceremony. This year we will be using Speed Exam System for Math Competition, Zoom for Math Fun, Zoom webinar for Parenting Seminar and Award Ceremony.

Math Competition

Parents/guardians can help students to login into a Speed Exam System. There will be proctors in waiting to check your photo. After the photo ID check, everyone except the student to leave the room before starting the test. After submitting the test, the student may log off from the Speed Exam System.

Math Fun

Students will join the Fun Session by using the Zoom meeting software. Fun Masters will start the session around 11:05 AM CDT to 12:00 PM CDT. There are many breakout rooms that students may choose to participate.

Parenting Seminar

The Parenting Seminar is open to the public. Parents, guardians, relatives,      and students are welcome to join this educational and interactive session. Participants are invited to ask questions and interact with our panel of incoming freshmen as they share their incredible stories and experiences.

Awards Ceremony

Right after parenting seminar (same Zoom meeting ID), an awards ceremony will be held where the winners of the Math Competition will be announced. The top 10% will receive a golden trophy, the next top 10% will receive a silver trophy, and 10% all honorable mentions will receive a medal.

*The winners can schedule to pick up the awards after the event. The available slots will be provided. Delivery service is available with additional cost.

Math Competition Rules

  • All students in grades 1 through 8 in Spring 2021 are welcome to participate.
  • All contestants are competing at their grade.
  • Parents/guardians can help with online set up at the beginning of the test However, contestants are to complete the test independently without any external help. Video monitoring during the test session must be enabled to be qualified for awards.
  • Contestants should use only pencils and blank sheets of paper during the test.
  • Calculators, notes, web browsing, or outside help of any kind is prohibited.
  • Speed Exam System will detect suspicious activities such as website browsing, or usage of calculator or other applications on the computer.
  • No one should enter or exit once the testing starts.
  • All contestants who complete a test session under video monitoring will be eligible for an award (trophy or medal).
  • All contestants who re-test or be disqualified will not be eligible for a trophy.
  • All participants will receive a certificate.
  • The top 20% will receive a trophy (gold or silver) and the next top 10% will be considered as honorable mention and receive a medal.
  • The duration of the test is 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the grade level. All the test end at 11:05 AM CDT regardless of the start time.
  • Check-in starts at 9:30 AM CDT. Check-in after 10:00 AM CDT will be disqualified to take the exam.
  • All students can take a practice test two times from the Speed Exam after registration. The practice test is available until May 30 at 11:59 PM CDT.
  • The practice test is not scored and is not proctored.
  • All students can take one Pre-test either on June 2 or June 3 at 6:00 – 7:00 PM CDT. Students can pick the Pre-test date when completing registration.
  • CIE/USA-DFW reserves the right to change rules at any time without notice.

Equipment and Environment Preparation

  • A PC, Mac, or laptop with stable internet connection (wired or good wireless connection) is required. The equipment is used for Speed Exam during the Math Competition.
  • Speed Exam is available thru website and no installation. Recommended browser are Chrome and Firefox.
  • The device should be installed with Zoom software. Instruction is in the appendix section.
  • DO NOT USE Chrome books/Chrome OS device since they are not supported by Zoom breakout room feature.
  • A device with audio system and with either a built-in camera or an external webcam is required during the Math Competition.
  • A photo ID of the student. The designated proctor will verify the ID before starting the test.
  • A quiet area with no interruptions for the duration of the test is mandatory.
  • Students must prepare blank sheets of paper and pencils.
  • After registration, students will receive a username/password to access Speed Exam. Students can take practice test two times before May 30 at 11:59 PM CDT. This will help student to be familiar with the navigation. The practice test is not proctored.

Students is required to take a pre-test exam to familiarize themselves with the Speed Exam and ID checking procedure, including how to communicate with the proctor. The pre-test session is intended to ensure everyone knows what to expect and identify any equipment issues prior to the test day.

Program Navigation

The organizer created a list of entrance to the programs in single page.
The navigations will be accessible after May 8th, 2021.

Speed Exam

Speed Exam is the online exam to conduct Math Competition with great features such as proctoring system, question navigation etc.

Students can login thru the website without downloading or installing on their machine.

After a student registers, the organizer will send the account (username/password) thru the provided email address within a few days. Students can use the account to verify the login.

Note that students can navigate to www.cie-dfw.org/mcmf-links to navigate to the Speed Exam at students’ grade level.

At the login page, students will see grade level. Students can login to their grade only.


Students must verify the login before
May 30th, 2021 to avoid the access issue.

If you cannot login with the provided information,
please contact mcmf@cie-dfw.org immediately.



Students will have to login to their grade level.
Exam Site For Grade 5 will have “Grade 5” as the indication.

Math Fun

The organizer will use Zoom Meeting to host Math Fun. Math Fun Session will allow students to turn on/off audio and camera. The program will host 50 breakout rooms for the fun games. Students will be pre-assigned based on your email provided during the registration.

In order to ensure the process of assignment, students would enter name when you join the meeting:

How to join Math Fun Session: https://youtu.be/kLzyW86bXxU

Additional Zoom Tutorial to download and install Zoom: https://youtu.be/F5PtzRVx0jw

If you do not have student ID because you only participate in “Math Fun” session, please enter the letter G and then the grade level number. For example, G5 Lily Gao.

Parenting Seminar & Awards Ceremony

The organizer will use Zoom Webinar to host session. The moderator and panelist would be able to collect the live questions from the parents and students. It is not required you to name with the student ID. Even though we open this program for everyone, we recommend participating with registered email as we have a prize drawing at the end of the program.

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