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The mission of Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) is to promote communication and exchange of information among engineers and scientists in the various fields who are interested in the well-being of the Chinese/Asian engineering community in the U.S. and abroad.

About CIE/USA-DFW Chapter

The CIE/USA-DFW Chapter was established in January 1989 and registered in the state of Texas as a non-profit organization in 1992, and has been very active in the Metroplex since then. We focus on promoting the community interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Over the years, the DFW chapter has established close ties with major corporations and government bodies around the world. Leaders from the sponsoring organizations graced each year’s convention by sharing their experience and insight into business and technology trends at our evening banquet.

Our technical and young professional groups have provided multiple technical symposia over the years, focusing on professional knowledge sharing and career development, and attracted about 600 professionals each year. Our flagship youth event MathComp/MathFun Fair attracted more than 1000 participants annually to enforce the math and science focus in the young generation. Other important programs include the North Texas Regional Science Bowl, Speech Contests and Young Achiever Awards.

Today, members of CIE enjoy various benefits at the CIE sponsored events throughout the year. More importantly, CIE/USA-DFW members enjoy the pride in serving our community, improving the visibility and well-being of the Chinese/Asian professionals through cultural diversity in the work place, which in turn further benefit the entire society. The services we provided to the local engineering community are significant contributing factors in improving in our local economy.


The Chinese Institute of Engineers was founded in 1917 in New York by a group of dedicated Chinese engineers, who graduated from American universities and served in various industries in the United States. The main organization later moved back to China and its American counterpart became a separate chapter. In 1977, the institute was renamed Chinese Institute of Engineers USA (CIE/USA). Seven area chapters across the country have been established since then.

The seven chapters are:
Greater New York (GNY) Chapter
San Francisco Bay Area (SF) Chapter
Seattle Chapter
Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Chapter
Overseas Chinese Environment Engineers and Scientists Association (OCEESA)
New Mexico (NM) Chapter Southern California (SOCAL) Chapter

CIE/USA takes great pride of its 97 years of history, serving and representing the community of engineers of Chinese cultural heritage. As a non-profit professional organization, CIE/USA plays an important role in the economy and society, especially with the growing needs for business savvy skilled workers in the field of engineering and science. CIE/USA works with other professional organizations to sponsor professional events, such as venture capital and management seminars, technical conferences and high-tech exhibitions to promote joint interests and partnership in technology in the U.S. and abroad.

CIE/USA works with other professional organizations to sponsor events, such as venture capital and management seminars, technical conferences, and high-tech exhibitions. To promote joint interests and partnerships in technology in the U.S. and abroad, CIE also co-sponsors the Sino-American Technology Engineering Conference (SATEC) in Beijing and the Modern Engineering and Technology Seminars (METS) in Taipei every other year.

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