2010 CIE/USA-DFW Youth Engineering Fair

2010 Winners List!


Projects Winners Grade Level
Fun Egg Drop 1st Place: Nicholas Zhong 2nd Grade
2nd Place: Aaron Weng 2nd Grade
3rd Place: Connie Xu 2nd Grade
Special Mention: Eric Dai, Sean Gao & Kevin Meng 2nd Grade
Fun Bungee 1st Place: Michael Shen 4th Grade
2nd Place: Kevin Lin 4th Grade
3rd Place: Ishan Shah 3rd Grade
Special Mention: Andrew Li, Corey Li & Timothy Chang 4th Grade
Special Mention: Emily Lu 4th Grade
Special Mention: Michael Zhan 3rd Grade
Fun Bridge 1st Place: Sienna Scalf 6th Grade
2nd Place: Hiedi Zettl 6th Grade
3rd Place: Ravi Shah 6th Grade
Special Mention: Sienna Wu 3rd Grade
Special Mention: Ryan Mok 2nd Grade
Special Mention: Pooja Marella 6th Grade
Fun Airplane 1st Place: Valerie Liao 6th Grade
2nd Place: Justin Zhong 8th Grade
3rd Place: Alex Sim 6th Grade
Special Mention: Rachel Liao 8th Grade
Special Mention: Roger Wong 7th Grade
Special Mention: Yash Kadakia 7th Grade
Battery Powered Car 1st Place: Kevin Meng 2nd Grade
2nd Place: Vinjai Vale & Rishi Gonuguntla 6th Grade
Wooden Bridge 1st Place: Casey Hu 6th Grade
2nd Place: Anagha Krishnan & Neil Patel 6th Grade
Windmill Generator 1st Place: Caroline Zhang 11th Grade


Announcing our very first Youth Engineering Fair – 2010! This is a key program in our portfolio of CIE Youth Programs, intended to encourage our youths to explore, to experiment, and to see fun in science and engineering.


Part 1: Opens to students from 8th to 12th grades: Engineering Project Competition. Five (5) projects are available for contestants to select.

Part 2: Engineering Fun, open to students from 1st to 7th grades, also the older students who do not prefer to build the projects at home. Ready-Kits will be provided to contestants to build to the specifications on site, and add on their own creativity.

Registration is now open through May 15, 2010. For information on the registration process, project descriptions, competition rules, eligibility, location maps and other instructions please download the attached documents below. Please email any questions you have to CIE.Engineeringfair@gmail.com.

Students are encouraged to register early to confirm a spot in the competition and a chance to be imprinted in CIE Hall of Fame this year.

Project Samples:

Wooden Bridge:

Rubber Band Airplane:

Electric Car:


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