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2019 MathComp/MathFun

2020 MathComp Winner, Test Results, Questions, and News Release

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The annual MathComp/MathFun event and parenting seminar are the flagship events of the CIE/USA-DFW Chapter’s youth program. It has served our community for 30 years. Each year, the event attracts nearly 1,000 participants including students, parents, educators, and volunteers. This fair consists of three programs: (1) a math competition, (2) a math fun fair, and (3) a parenting seminar. The goal is to stimulate young students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

This year we will bring the event online to continue to provide educational value and fun for young kids and families. The event will be held on May 30, 2020 and it is FREE. We are extremely happy to have DFWCIA as a co-organizer this year.

MathComp/MathFun Brochure
Provides overall view of this event

Online User Guide
Provides contest rules, instructions and FAQ

Zoom Guide for Participant
A YouTube demo video shows how to use Zoom in this event

Online Mock Test Sessions
Will be posted when available

Parenting Seminar Speakers and Panelists

Dr. Glênisson de Oliveira

Dr. de Oliveira has a history of enhancing science, technology, engineering and mathematics education from kindergarten through 12th grade and at the undergraduate level in Rhode Island. His work has been funded through science and education grants from multiple agencies, including a $12.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation.
He earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physical chemistry from Purdue University and served as Dean of Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) and Dean of Honors College, University of North Texas (UNT). He is a professor of Chemistry in UNT.

Amy Li (Student)

Amy is an incoming 2020 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) freshman. She is from Highland Park High School. She has been active in high school math contests. She is USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO) Qualifier, Math Prize for Girls Olympiad (MPFGO) Qualifier. She is Program Director of Health and Education Largesse Program.

Julia Camacho (Student)

Julia is an incoming 2020 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) freshman. Julia is from TAMS. Julia is passionate about computational biology and is an Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) grand award winner and an American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) fellow. She is also the founder of SparkSTEM, and is a National Winner of the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award.

Kevin Meng (Student)

Kevin is an incoming 2020 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) freshman. Kevin is from Plano West Senior High School. Kevin is a passionate innovator who enjoys developing technical projects that solve real-world problems. He is an Intel ISEF Best in Category Winner, ACM Cutler-Bell Prize Winner, Coca-Cola Scholar, He is a founder of ArcGen Technologies LLSa

Sample Competition Problems

Grade 1 Practice Questions and Answers
Grade 2 Practice Questions and Answers
Grade 3 Practice Questions and Answers
Grade 4 Practice Questions and Answers
Grade 5 Practice Questions and Answers
Grade 6 Practice Questions and Answers
Grade 7 Practice Questions and Answers
Grade 8 Practice Questions and Answers

Past Event Photos

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