Affiliate Event – 2015 Technical Forum Series “Rise of a China-based Global Technology Leader”

Huawei is one of the most successful and inspiring companies in China. It grew from its humble beginning to become a global technology leader through very tough competitions, yet it managed to win and win big. As China has become the second largest country by GDP, Huawei is riding the wave to the top in the technology world. In a community with Chinese background, Huawei’s achievements make all of us proud.

What’s Huawei’s secret of success? Where is it going during a time of strategic transformation? What opportunities does it present for the local technical talents here in the United States?

We are honored to have Tony Chang and his colleagues meet with us in this upcoming technical forum. Tony is vice president of Huawei US R&D Competence Center, and a member of the Board of Directors at CIE/USA-DFW. The Huawei team will share with us its background, unique analysis in market/technology trends, corporate strategy and challenges in mobile, cloud, social media and big data. They also want to connect with top local technical talents.

Seating is limited to 40, to ensure a high-quality interaction among attendees. We welcome top tech professionals and academia/students to join us. The speakers will present in CHINESE.

This event is part of the CIE/USA-DFW technical forum series to bring industry leaders and top technical talents together, to connect and feed off each others’ ideas. The event is free and open to the public. Online registration is required.

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