CANCELED: 2020 CIE/USA-DFW Student Engineering & Creativity Competition – Catapult Game (Students K-5th)

2019 CIE/USA-DFW Student Engineering & Creativity Competition

Important Announcement:
Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, CIE/USA-DFW has decided to CANCEL SECC for the safety of all contestants, judges, volunteers, and their families. Please email cie-secc@cie-dfw.org if there are any questions, and thank you for your understanding in this matter. We hope to see you all next year!

2020 SECC:

Interested in exploring the basic concepts of Math and Physics through a DIY project and playing a “Catapult Game”? Or a STEM coding project on school calculator to program TI Rover-robot for a prediction race? Or design and 3D-print an object using free-access software “Altair365” to explore the concepts of Math and Physics? Or hear STEM professionals on cool STEM topics? If you are, register to attend DFW 2020 SECC for a tons of STEM experience and fun! Scroll down to see event details.

SECC Program is designed for grades K to 12th to inspire students’ interest in STEM through hands-on & creativity projects, recognition, real world challenges, and interaction with industry. This is a STEM event that supports the National Discover-E Engineers Week. SECC consists of three programs: Free hands-on workshops (pre-competition), Competition, and STEM Seminars & Fun.

Eligibility & Divisions:

For SECC Competitions:
Students currently enrolled in grades K to 12th in fall 2019. Three divisions as listed below.
For STEM Seminars & Free Workshops:
Students in grades K to 12th and parents are welcome !!

“Catapult Game” — Grades K to 5th (elementary-school). See bottom for project details.

SECC Awards:

Competition winners on 3/28/2020 will receive following cash awards.
Division-A (K-5th):   1st place: $150     2nd place: $125     3rd place: $100

* The winners of each division will also receive a trophy at the event award ceremony, presented by corporate sponsors. Award recipients will also be recognized at CIE website and eNewsletter, local news media, and showcased in CIE Annual Convention in August.

Registration & Fees:

For Workshops on 1:30PM-4:30PM on SUN 12/15/2019 and 1/26/2020: FREE
For Competition on SAT 3/28/2020:
— Division-A: $25 per team whose parent is CIE or SHPE member; $35 per team for others
— Division-B & C: $30 per team whose parent is CIE or SHPE member; $40 per team for others
— Accept both individual and team registration.
— Students are encouraged to form a team to learn team work and share responsibility & cost.
For STEM Seminars on SAT 3/28/2020: FREE
— STEM education, fun, and projects
— Prize drawing : TI Calculator for high-school, TI-Innovator Hub, and more.
To become a CIE member, visit https://www.cie-dfw.org/members/memberinformation.php

Tool Kits and Costs:

Division-A (K-5th): Catapult Game
o  One “Eisco Garage Physics Catapult” (Part #: GP00007), $35~$40.
o  Each team is required to purchase at own expense.
o  Oral presentation IS NOT required at the competition.
o  Project poster is Optional. Describe how they control the Catapult shot and what they learn.
o  Team submitted a poster will receive extra 1.5 points to their final competition score.
— Poster: 36” (height) x 48” (width) white tri-fold corrugate project display board.
o  Scroll down to see project details.

Project Details:

At the competition, each team is required to bring your own catapult (exact kit). Student is allowed to paint/color or mark the catapult, and bring in standard spare parts. However, alternating or modifying the catapult functions and/or dimensions is prohibited. The catapult will be inspected at the check-in. Any uncorrectable violations may result in disqualification.


Students are encouraged to search for resources on-line. Here are some URL links for reference.
Catapult Physics
Catapult Wikipedia
Youtube Video1
Youtube Video2

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