Online: 2021 CIE Mentoring Circle

Online: 2021 CIE Mentoring Circle


“Man is the only animal that can learn from history and from the experiences of others. Mentoring groups are one of the most efficient and highest forms of this learning and developing,” says Mark Carpenter, Sr. Vice President of Transmission and Distribution Operations at Oncor, one of the architects and driving forces of CIE’s mentoring circle program. “CIE’s mentoring circle focuses on talent development, the most important element in any organization,” states Claire Jung, Engineering Director in Analog Power Products at Texas Instruments. With the support of the CIE leaders including our founder-Dr. Faa-Ching Wang, the mentoring circle started many years ago.

Many agree with them, as dozens of volunteers join this annual program every year, aiming to learn from experienced community leaders. They meet in small groups, discuss topics about the workplace or in everyday life, and practice their leadership skills. Each group is led by one or two mentors, follows a self-paced curriculum, and meets online for two to three hours every two months.

Program mentees eagerly praise the benefits of this mentoring circle. “This is one thing that saves you time in the long run,” says Will Jordan, a supervisor at Oncor. “By hanging out with excellent people in CIE, I could be a better person and a better leader myself!” says Minkai Wu, a manager at Capital One. “I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a better leader,” says Yanping Chen, Vice President as Quantitative Strategist at Goldman Sachs. “In the CIE mentoring groups, all who participate—including the group leaders—grow and develop by learning from the perspectives and experiences of others. I urge you to take this opportunity and to later lead others in similar endeavors,” says Mr. Carpenter. “You’ll be glad you did.”

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