Online: 2021 CIE/USA-DFW Student Engineering & Creativity Convention (SECC)

2021 SECC Winners


Group 1 (K-2nd) 1st  Wilson Zhou      2nd  Erica Weng     3rd Aiden Guo and Angela Guo
Group 2 (3rd-5th) 1st  Melissa Zhou     2nd David Xiao       3rd Aurora Cai
Creativity Zoe Cheng and Edward Yan, Kaylee Zhao and  Nidhi Keskar, Hudson Aarseth
Hornorable Mention Jayden Lu, Benjamin Kim, Andy Wang and Mindi Ly



Plotter Machine 1st  Jackson Aarseth     2nd  Andrew Ye     3rd Michael Liu
Creative Project 1st Matthew Liu and Everett Jin    2nd  Kathy Liu and  Charles Liu



Are you interested in

  • Exploring fundamental math and science concepts through a DIY project and playing a “Marble Machine”?
  • Programming a Raspberry Pi and making your own plotter machine or any machine you can think of?
  • Hearing from STEM professionals on cool engineering topics?

The CIE/USA-DFW (cie-dfw.org) and the Share &Grow Association (www.sharegrow.org) proudly host the 2021 Student Engineering & Creativity Convention (SECC).

Vibrant experiences of SECC workshops and competition, which enable students from K-12 to expand their knowledge, test, and showcase their innovative ideas and designs.



The SECC competition is an exciting learning opportunity for students to take on real-world problems through hands-on projects.

Two types of competitions are provided:

Division A: Marble machine (K-5th grade)

Division B: Build your own plotter Machine (6th – 12th grade)


Two workshops and lectures will be provided with renowned experts in the engineering fields and experienced students to demo the projects (including competition projects) and to inspire participants with new ideas and techniques to solve challenges. 


The annual SECC programs provide a platform for students with similar interests to get to know one another and share ideas, to interact with academic faculties and industry professionals.

Fun activities

This STEM event supports the 2021 National Discover-E Engineers Week between February 21-27.

Students currently enrolled in grades K to 12th in fall 2020 are eligible to participate.

Workshops: Open to the public.

Competitions: There are two divisions as listed below:

  • Division-A:
    “Marble Machine” — Grades K to 5th (elementary school students).
  • Division-B:
    “Build Your Own Plotter Machine” — Grades 6th to 12th (middle and high school students)

SECC Awards:

Workshop Fun Activities Winner:
Amazon E-gift cards

Competition Award:
Top 3 Winners will receive the following awards:

  • Cash awards:
  1. Division-A (K-5th):
    Group 1 (K-2nd): 1st place: $50     2nd place: $30     3rd place: $20
    Group 2 (3rd-5th): 1st place: $50     2nd place: $30     3rd place: $20
    All Grade: 3 Creativity Awards, $20 each
  2. Division-B (6-12th):
    Plotter Machine: 1st place: $150     2nd place: $100     3rd place: $50
    Creative Project: 1st place: $150     2nd place: $100     3rd place: $50
  • Trophy: The winners of each division will also receive a trophy at the event award ceremony, presented by the corporate sponsors.
  • Recognition: Award recipients will be recognized on both websites and in the eNewsletters of the CIE/USA-DFW and the Share & Grow Association, local news media and social media, and a showcase at CIE/USA-DFW Annual Convention in August 2021.

Top 40% Winners will receive honorable mention awards and medals.
All contestants will receive E-certificates for participation.
The number of winners is subject to change based on number of contestants.

Registration fees:

  • SECC workshops: FREE
  • SECC Competition: $10per team
    Free registration for the SECC Competition teams with parents are CIE members or S&GA members.

Both individual and team registrations are accepted. Students are encouraged to form a team to learn teamwork skills and share responsibilities and costs.
To become a CIE member, visit https://www.cie-dfw.org/plan
To become a S&GA member, visit https://www.sharegrow.org

Important dates and events:

Date Checklist of Important Deadlines
Feb. 6th, 2021 The First workshop (Featuring STEM educational sessions, fun activities, projects and prize drawings)
Feb. 27th, 2021 The second workshop for division B competition
Mar. 13th, 2021 Competition Registration Deadline
Mar. 14th, 2021 Contestant only Q/A section
Mar. 23th, 2021 All participants are required to submit an Engineering documentation page explaining their designs and a video demonstrating their projects.
Mar. 28th, 2021 Competition Day & Award Ceremony

Tool Kits and Costs:

Division-A (K-5th): Marble Machine (Estimate ~$20)
Popsicle sticks (~$5): Amazon Link
16 oz paper or plastic cups (~$7): Link
6 mm & 10mm plastic spheres (~$7): Amazon Link

Division-B (6th-12th): Build your own Plotter Machine
A Raspberry Pi (~$99): Amazon Link
Three servo motors (~$10): Amazon Link
Accessory kits(~$12): Amazon Link

Project Details:

Division-A (K-5th): Marble Machine

Organizer: Hua Chen

Materials and Equipment
Rules, Procedure, and Scoring
Judging Criteria


Division-B (6th-12th): Build your own plotter Machine

Organizer: Xincheng Tang

Setting up your Raspberry Pi
Project Description



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