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The symposium is held in conjunction with the Annual Convetion and will gather seventeen experts in the field of big data, internet of (every)things, energy systems, smart grid and leadership to discuss the current emerging technology and soft skills. The symposium will feature a keynote session, and three parallel sessions on “Smart Data”, “Smart Energy” and “Leadership & Career Development”. The symposium is free and open to the public, but registration is required. The symposium will be held at Renaissance Richardson Hotel from 1:00 to 5:30 pm.


Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1: Innovation Drives Tomorrow
David H. Lu, Vice President of Business Network & Corporate Solution IT, AT&T


David is currently the Vice President of Business Network & Corporate Solution IT, responsible for Global Service Assurance, Network Capacity Management, Field Operation Dispatching, and Business Billing Solutions at AT&T. He leads an organization with over 3,000 people across the globe.
David is an well respected leader in software architecture and engineering, network performance and traffic management, large data DB implementation/mining/analytics, software reliability and quality, and network operations process engineering.
Since joining AT&T Bell Labs in 1987, he served in various lead positions at AT&T. He holds 26 patents and has frequently appeared as a guest speaker at technical and leadership seminars and conferences throughout the world.
David’s interest include classical music (performs and teaches cello), history, traveling, arts, and table tennis. He was born in Shanghai, China, and is married with two children, and currently lives in Dallas, Texas.


Keynote 2: IoT Integration and Applications
Dr. Ming-Whei Feng, VP & Director General, Smart Network System Institute (SNSI), Taiwan Institute for Information Industry

Dr. Ming-Whei Feng has more than 25 years of professional experience in the research and development of information systems, communications, signal processing, and smart energy system technologies. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with industrial, academic, and research organizations centering on applying state-of-the-art information and communication (ICT) technologies to provide high value added services or solutions. She has demonstrated various successful cross domain collaboration cases, where she teamed up non-ICT technology providers with ICT technology providers to develop and deploy high value added smart energy and smart building systems or solutions.
Dr. Feng received her B. S. degree from National Chiao-Tung University in 1984. She received her M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. degrees from Northeastern Universities in 1986 and 1989, individually. Since 1987, she worked at BBN Systems and Technologies from 1987 to 1989 in the area of speech recognition and speaker adaptation. Dr. Feng worked at Southeastern Bell Technology Resources Inc. and GTE Laboratories from 1989-1996 in the area of automated telecom services and video services. Dr. Feng joined U.S. Robotics (acquired by 3Com) from 1996-1997 in the area of high density modems and VOIP systems.
Since 1998, Dr. Feng joined Institute for Information Industry working in network and communications, embedded systems, information and communication policy planning, international technology collaboration. Dr. Feng is currently responsible for the Smart Network System Institute (SNSI). She is in charge of research and development of energy information and communication infrastructure and applications, smart energy management and service platform, energy information analytics, hybrid sensor network system, telematics infrastructure and application systems, and broadband network and application systems.


Keynote 3: Facing Challenges, Taipower Needs Smart Strategies
Jen-Ming Hsu, General Manager of Taiwan Power Research Institute, Taiwan Power Company

Jen-Ming is currently the General Manager of Taiwan Power Research Institute, the R&D division of Taiwan Power Company (Taipower). In this role, he focuses on exploration of potential challenges facing Taipower, allocation of R&D resources available to the company, and supervision of the solutions development in response to the challenges.
Jen-Ming has been an employee of Taiwan Power Company for over 39 years. He has experience in planning of individual power plant development project, integrated power generation system expansion program, and R&D program for electric power utility company.
Jen-Ming is currently also a member of MOEA Industrial Development Advisory Council, Taiwan Electrical Contractors Association Board of Directors, and Nuclear Science & Technology Association Board of Directors.
Jen-Ming holds a M.S. degree from AIT (Asian Institute of Technology). He is married, with one daughter, and resides in Taipei, Taiwan.


Parallel Sessions

Please click the following links for the speakers bio and presentation abstracts.

Session 1: Smart Energy Session – Symphony Ballroom 1

Moderator: Dr. Wei-Jen Lee, Professor, Electrical Engineering, UT Arlington
2:45 – 3:10 PM: Oncor’s SmartGrid Journey by Joe Wolf, T&D Manager, Oncor
3:10 – 3:35 PM: Semiconductor Technologies Driving Smart Grid Innovation by Markus Staeblein, General Manager, Texas Instruments
3:35 – 4:00 PM: Wind Generation Development in ERCOT by Dr. Fred Huang, Supervisor of Dynamic Studies Group, The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)
4:00 – 4:25 PM: Transmission Planning Value from Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) Process by Rao Konidena, Senior Manager, Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)

Session 2: Smart Data Session – Symphony Ballroom 2

Moderator: Charles Fernandez, Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin
2:45 – 3:10 PM: Sensor Systems Create Smarter Data by Paul Emerson, General Manager of Kilby Labs, Texas Instruments
3:10 – 3:35 PM: Health Risk Prediction via Mining Big Health Data by Dr. Vincent S. Tseng, Distinguished Professor, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University
3:35 – 4:00 PM: Big Data and Application Areas by Gregory P. Tevis, Principal Strategy, Deloitte Consulting
4:00 – 4:25 PM: Connecting the Internet of Things by Doug Starr, Consulting Systems Architect, Cisco

Session 3: Leadership & Career Development Session – Symphony Ballroom 3

Arnold Zhang, Leadership & Career Development Session Chair
Masters of Ceremonies: Marrisa Yang, Alex Zhang
2:45 – 3:10 PM: Building Mentor-Mentee Relationships: Roles and Responsibilities by Praful Madhani, Director, Analog Technology Development / Infrastructure, Texas Instruments
3:10 – 3:35 PM: Leadership in the Workplace by Dr. Patrick M. Martin, Professional Psychological Solutions, PLLC
3:35 – 4:00 PM: Investing in Networks of Relationships by Elaine Kung, Product Marketing Director (Fiber to the Building), AT&T
4:00 – 4:25 PM: Role of the Educational Counselor by Dr. Kamakshi Sridhar, Director of Wireless CTO office, Alcatel-Lucent
4:30 – 5:30 PM Panel Discussion
Moderators: Angela Fu, Mark Yang
Panelists: All above speakers in Session 3, and
Abby Chu, Senior Admission Counselor, Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Alison Chapman, Alumni Relations and Admissions, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS)

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